Tanjung Bira, The Journey

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2010, after 5 years attending university (1 year longer), finally I graduated in July 2010. Next was looking for job but before that i went back to my hometown.

In my hometown, some of my friends had plan for vacation in Tanjung Bira, Bulukumba. It's around 8 hours drive using car from my hometown (Pinrang). They asked me to join them also. At first I refused because I didn't have any money on me (well I was recently jobless, not college student anymore ^_^) but 1 of them (one of my best friends) convinced me to just tag along and not to worry about all the accommodations. After some thoughts then I said "OK".
At the departure time (we were using my friend's car, his dad's car to be exact), my 2nd older sister gave me some money (maybe she pitied me, the penniless jobless brother ^_^). For the trip, at first we went to Makassar and spent the night there (around 4 hours drive). After that we continued to Tanjung Bira, Bulukumba (4 hours drive). We arrived in Tanjung bira when it's almost sunset.

Tanjung Bira

After quick look out at the area, we went to find a place to stay. It's a cheap place (shaped like traditional house, Rumah Panggung) and all of us slept in one room. After we parked the car and put all our stuff at the house, we went for dinner then we went look around again in the beach (middle of night). We decided to go sleeping after feeling so tired.

The next day, we went further to the west side of the beach, fooling around and doing stupid things. we went also to explore the area near the house we stayed and found out that the scene was more beautiful (see the first photo). After feeling satisfied, we decided to go back to our hometown in the afternoon.

Let's go

The photos were taken using pocket camera Sony DSC-W350.

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